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Q. What is SOLA Giving Day?

SOLA Giving Day is an online fundraising tool offered to 501(c)3 nonprofits, churches, and schools serving South Louisiana. The event provides an easy-to-use platform that connects donors and dollars to organizations and their funding needs. This annual spring fundraising campaign spans 4-weeks and culminates with a 24-hour designated day of giving to encourage the community to contribute as many charitable dollars as possible to support the participating organizations. In its first four years, SOLA Giving Day has generated over $5.25M to benefit more than 315 unique South Louisiana nonprofits.

Q. When is SOLA Giving Day?

The 24-hour event is on Thursday, May 5th, 2022 beginning at 12 AM CST and ending at 11:59 PM CST! Early Giving begins on April 5th. All donations can be made through

Q. Who is Community Foundation of Acadiana?

Community Foundation of Acadiana (CFA) is a tax-exempt, public foundation working to enhance the quality of life throughout Acadiana and South Louisiana. As a philanthropic leader and resources to donors, nonprofits and community members, CFA’s core purpose is to build legacies and improve communities by connecting generous people to the causes they care about. CFA believes hosting SOLA Giving Day is a key component to fulfilling that mission. Learn more about CFA at

Q. Who is GiveGab?

GiveGab is an online giving platform that helps nonprofits raise money, engage donors, and manage volunteers quickly and efficiently. GiveGab offers a full portfolio of simple and easy-to-use products that allow organizations to function in a more streamlined manner. Learn more about the company and product offerings at

Donor FAQ

Q. Where is SOLA Giving Day?

SOLA Giving Day is an online, web-based event, and all event-related donations can be made online through the website:

Q. Who can donate?

Anyone can donate to a nonprofit that is registered to participate in SOLA Giving Day! We’ve made it simple and easy to give online.

Q. Is there a minimum gift?

There is a $10 minimum donation. There is no maximum donation. All gifts made to organizations through SOLA Giving Day are non-refundable.

Q. What forms of donations are accepted?

Credit Card: Donations can be made with MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express credit or debit cards via the SOLA Giving Day website. 

Bank Account: Donations can be made directly from your bank account with a donation minimum of $100 through the SOLA Giving Day website. 

You can learn more about using your bank account for your donation by clicking HERE.

Check: Donations can be made by check but must be mailed/delivered to the nonprofit of your choice before May 5, 2022, and marked with "SOLA Giving Day" in the subject line.  Contact your preferred participating nonprofit for more information.

Donor Advised Funds: See question below.

To give gifts of appreciated securities or use IRA Charitable Distributions, please contact Lauren Breaux Coffin at

Q. Can donors make contributions from a Donor Advised Fund (DAF) at CFA or elsewhere?

Yes! Individuals can elect to give from their CFA Donor Advised Fund(s) during the online checkout process via Donors with CFA DAF's can also contact Lauren Breaux Coffin at 337-769-4851 or to request transfers from their fund to support a participating organization.

To give from a DAF established elsewhere, please contact that entity directly to make a distribution to CFA to benefit a participating organization.

Q. Is my donation tax-deductible?

Yes! Every nonprofit profiled on this site is recognized by and is in good standing with the IRS. For this reason, all donations made through SOLA Giving Day are 100% tax deductible. 

Q. Will I receive a receipt for tax purposes?

Yes! Immediately after an online contribution is processed, a donor will receive an e-mailed receipt acknowledging their gift. To claim a donation as a deduction on U.S. taxes, you should retain the donation receipt as an official record.

Q. Do I have to wait until SOLA Giving Day to donate?

No way! Donors can make early donations beginning Tuesday, April 5.

Q. Who will receive a donor's contact information?

The organization(s) receiving your donation will have access to your name, mailing address, and email address. This information is used solely to send thank you messages, provide the option to receive future notifications, and to notify you of future activities.

Donors also have the option to donate anonymously during the checkout process. Selecting "Yes" to the anonymous donation question at checkout will make your gift completely anonymous to the nonprofit.

Q. What are the fees? What percentage of each contribution will the organization receive?

A 5.5% fee is charged on every electronic donation (excluding donations from CFA Donor Advised Funds). A donor does have the option to "cover the fees" online. If the donor does not opt-in to this option, the organization will receive 94.5% of the donation. On the other hand, if the donor opts to "cover the fees," the organization will receive 100% of the donor's desired contribution.

If giving offline, please provide payment directly to the participating NPO of your choice. Otherwise, there is a 3% CFA Support Fee on all cash or check donations that must be processed by CFA.

Please note, there are no fees assessed on prize dollars, matching funds, or contributions made from CFA Donor Advised Funds.

Q. How will my donation appear on my credit card/bank statement?

The donation will appear on your credit card/bank statement as "SOLA Giving Day" immediately after the contribution is processed.

Q. Can I provide a matching challenge to a participating organization?

Absolutely. Donors can provide a matching challenge to registered participants by completing the form linked below. The form must be submitted with matching dollars provided to CFA by Thursday, April 29.

Click Here >> Donor Advised Fund Matching Details Form

Q. Can I use my employer's matching gifts program?

Yes. Please provide your SOLA Giving Day receipt to your employer and have them mail matching contributions to the Community Foundation of Acadiana office prior to Giving Day, if possible. If matches are received after Giving Day, the organization will still receive the donation, but it will not be included in their fundraising totals or be eligible for additional matches or prizes. Checks should be made out to Community Foundation of Acadiana with the beneficiary organization name in the memo line.

Q. Do donors need to create an account with SOLA Giving Day?

No. You do not need to create an account to donate. The benefits of creating an account include having your tax receipts collected in one location, being able to track your donations, follow the charities you support, and engage in future volunteering and donation opportunities. This is an option but not a requirement.

Q. What if a preferred organization is not listed on the website?

If you can't find the organization on the site, they may not be participating in the event this year. Please encourage the nonprofit to contact us so we can get them registered or be sure they are ready for next year.

Q. Additional Questions?

Please contact

Nonprofit FAQs

Q. Who can participate in SOLA Giving Day?

Eligible organizations are:

501(c)(3) tax-exempt, nonprofit organizations*

Public and Private Schools


*These are 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations described in section 501(c)(3), which is other than a private foundation under section 509(a), of the Internal Revenue Code.

All participants must be in good standing with the IRS and the Louisiana Secretary of state and have a completed organization profile by March 10.

Q. When does my organization register?

Nonprofit registration will open on February 1. Registration will be completed online via

Q. What is the deadline to ensure my participation?

Registration payments and organization profiles must be submitted by March 10.

Q. What is the cost to register my organization?

Each participating organization will be required to pay a registration fee based on their total annual operating expenses:

Registration Fee

Organization Total Annual Operating Expenses*

$100 $0 - $200,000
$150 $200,001 - $500,000
$200 $500,001 +
*Your organization's total annual operating expenses can be found on Page 1, line 18 of your most recent Form 990. See example HERE.
  • As a reminder, the registration fee must be paid before your organization's profile can be made public on the SOLA Giving Day website.
  • You will be prompted to pay your registration fee online using a credit/debit card during the registration process.

Q. Do donors have to wait until Giving Day to donate?

No way! Early giving opens Tuesday, April 5.

Q. How are donations submitted?

Donations can be made by credit or debit card, echeck or CFA Donor Advised Fund during an online checkout process.

Q. How can donors provide a matching challenge to our organization?

Donors can provide a matching challenge to registered participants by completing the form linked below. The form must be submitted with matching dollars provided to CFA by Thursday, April 28.

Click Here >> SOLA Giving Day Matching Gift Details Form

Q. How can our organization win a prize?

For prize opportunities, please visit

Q. How will donations be distributed?

Final payment is issued by Community Foundation of Acadiana via mailed check OR ACH direct deposit within 60 days of the event. Payment will include total donations received, less any transaction fees and plus any matching funds or prize dollars awarded. Each organization is responsible for providing an accurate mailing address if electing to receive funds by check or sufficient bank account information for an ACH transfer.

Q. How do organizations identify donors and contributions? Can I download a donations report?

All participating organizations can access and download an Excel file of their donations through their administrative dashboard in their SOLA Giving Day account. The report is updated in real-time and will include the donor's name and contact information unless the donor has elected to donate anonymously.

Q. How can our organization be most successful with SOLA Giving Day?

Make SOLA Giving Day a strategic part of your annual fundraising plan, pick a specific project for which to fundraise, and leverage your social networks by taking advantage of the marketing materials in the SOLA Giving Day Toolkit.

Q. Who can our organization contact if we have more questions?

You can email Lauren Breaux Coffin at with any questions or comments.